Why Opt For Owner Financing Homes?

Why Opt for Owner Financing Homes Albuquerque? Instead of borrowing money from a commercial lending office and obtaining a mortgage, a buyer can choose to purchase an owner financed home.  During this process, the current property owner lends either a portion or all the funds required for purchasing the house. This is becoming a popular alternative to normal real estate transactions, especially in times when the area is considered to be in a buyer’s market. Types of Owner Financing There are many types of owner financed homes.  The three most common are land contracts, lease-purchase agreements, and mortgages.  Land contracts provide the buyer with an equitable title until the buyer has paid the owner for the full amount of the property.  At that time, the new owner would then receive the deed. The seller and buyer could also choose to commit to a certain type of mortgage known as an all-inclusive mortgage or all-inclusive trust deed.  In these instances, the seller carries the mortga…

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